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Academic Advisors support educational planning for prospective and current UFV students. They help students plan their educational career, develop academic success skills, and guide them to available resources and services.

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Meet with a Completion

For Students who are:

  • In Arts including Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies, Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts diploma, Theatre diploma, Arts Extended Studies Certificates
  • In Science including Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Associate of Science, Data Analysis Post-degree Certificate (DAC), Engineering Physics diploma, Engineering Transfer Program
  • In CIS including Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, CIS diploma and certificate
  • In Fine Arts including Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Media Arts, Visual Arts Diploma, Graphic and Digital Design Diploma, or future students for these programs.
  • In Bachelor of General Studies Degree
  • In General Studies diploma (30+ credits)
  • Switching to one of the above-mentioned programs (30+ credits)

PLEASE NOTE if you are a BA-ADED, BA-CRIM, BA-CYC or BKIN student, you need to contact your Program Advisor to make an appointment.

Meet with a Qualifying Studies & Exploratory


For Students who are:

  • Future students planning on attending UFV
  • Qualifying Studies and nursing track
  • Upgrading in the ABE program
  • Undecided exploring fields of study
  • General Studies diploma (0-30 credits)
  • Switching programs (0-30 credits)


Meet with an International

For international students who are:

  • Future students with questions about programs and courses
  • Qualifying Studies
  • ESL, ABE, or Foundation program
  • General studies diploma (0-30 UFV credits)
  • Switching programs
  • Planning to transfer

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If you are admitted to another UFV degree program or have more than 30 University Level credits and are interested in one, please consult the Other UFV advising contacts list and book your appointment with the appropriate Program Advisor.

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